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It is in small details that Charlie Yegen sees fall calving as an advantage over traditional spring births in the northern latitudes of the U.S.: “No scours; no frozen ears.”

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Record prices for cattle became the norm for 2014, to the point producers almost became inured and found it anticlimactic – sort of like hearing about falling gas prices in late 2014.

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Regional winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award Program visit with Progressive Cattleman about the practices that earned them recognition at the 2015 NCBA Convention.

South Texas is a region that lies roughly south of San Antonio. The southern boundary is the Rio Grande River, and the east is the Gulf of Mexico.

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“I’ve never seen so many Bentley cars at one stoplight as I have in China.”

That observation by Tom Seitz characterizes the burgeoning economic growth currently unfolding in China.

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Nebraska is cattle country. Doesn’t matter where you go within its borders; it’s cattle country. Feedlots line the highways, separated only by corn fields and rolling sandhills of prairie grass.

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