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  • Most progressive producers have their cows examined for the diagnosis of pregnant versus not pregnant (or “open”) at some time point prior to calving, most commonly around the time of weaning. There are some potential advantages to performing this examination earlier – approximately 90 to 100 days following the start of the breeding season.

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  • With fall just around the corner, cattle producers across the country are preparing for the season of shipping and processing cattle. This preparation should include taking a fresh look at their protocols for bovine respiratory disease (BRD) to make sure they are managing the disease the most effective way possible.

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  • Yearling heifers can often be a conundrum when it comes to getting bred. No matter how big they are or how pretty they look, there’s always the chance they just won’t settle. There are a variety of reasons, but the fact remains: They are open when preg-checked in the fall.

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