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January 2017

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In the first issue of the year, Progressive Cattleman will be focusing on preparing for the calving season. Check out this preparation checklist. Also, be prepared for early calving, as the use of calving ease genetics has shortened the gestation period in some herds. Be sure to review this vet’s tips for assisting in calf delivery.

Once the calves are here, it's a whole other task to keep them healthy. Start early – learn how vaccinating cows can prevent scours in calves. Also see other methods for preventing scours in calves.

This issue will also cover feed and nutrition. Before you cut corners in your winter feeding program, consider some key factors first. Also, are you feeding the “rumen bugs”? These micro-organisms help with digestion. See how these bugs impact animal performance. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid mycotoxins. Learn how you can manage mycotoxins in your feed.

Lastly, be sure to read Paul Marchant’s article, “Be inspired.”