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On the Edge of Common Sense: Dog days in the feedlot

Contributed by Baxter Black Published on 21 September 2017

Well, it’s dog days in the feedlot now that summer’s nearly done
I been loafin’ through the cattle but the steers don’t suffer none

They don’t need much waterin’, really, they just eat and drink and snooze
Like a bunch of fat ol’ bankers on an all-expense-paid cruise

We’re not gettin’ many feeders, not since summer took the bait
Guess the order buyer’s coastin’, I been told they hibernate!

Half the crew’s been on vacation, I took mine way back in June
Whoa! Better ride a little slower, I might finish way too soon!

All the sick pens dang near empty, ’cept a few ol’ chronic pets
So I pull the odd puffed-up one, helps to justify the vets

But mostly I just check the pens if there ain’t no fats to ship
And I do some contemplatin’, ain’t nobody cracks the whip

But my cowboy intuition says enjoy it while you can
’Cause a thunderhead is buildin’ that will change the battle plan

When the dog days in the feedlot will have finally run their course
And the fall’ll bear down on us like she’s ridin’ hell’s own horse!  end mark