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On the Edge of Common Sense: If Herefords were black

Baxter Black for Progressive Cattle Published on 25 January 2021

If Herefords were black
and Angus were red,
would breeders of Herefords
breed Angus instead?

I mean, would the people
who bred Herefords first
be now breeding Angus
if things were reversed.

Or would they be loyal
to red, white and true,
To color of cowlick
be always true blue?
If such were the case,
would they dis all the blacks,
Tell jokes about prolapse,
compare them to yaks

More suited for saddle
or wearin’ a yoke
Than stubbornly breeding
until they go broke.
And those of the
Aberdeen Angus cartel,
would they tout maternal
endowments, as well

Promoting their native
resistance to thorns,
while cursing as mutants
those not sprouting horns.
Just draggin’ their sheath
through the cheatgrass and burrs
like leaky ol’ bass boats
nobody insures.

Debate would rage on
like it does anyway
if South had worn blue
or the North had worn gray,
Or if Henry Ford
had been Hank Chevrolet
You’d still be a Ford man ...
or would you, today?

So if Herefords were black
and Angus were red
would breeders of Herefords
breed Angus instead?
The question begs deep
philosophical thought
but don’t get disgruntled
or get overwrought.

The breeders of purebreds
run true to the grain
And efforts to change them
would just be in vain
And not ’cause they think
other cattle are bad,
“I’m stickin’ with this one,
’cause that’s what Dad had.” end mark