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On the Edge of Common Sense: Meatless Monday magic show

Contributed by Baxter Black Published on 24 August 2016

Meatless Monday … what kind of person would think something like that up? The same kind of people who would support Breathless Tuesday, Whistle-less Wednesday or Jalapeño-less Cinco de Mayo?

It is the same cloudy-headed, “We know what is best for you,” starry-eyed finger-shakers that have brought us rubber chickens and the Ice Age of the ’70s.

Surveys and trials that support this whole Wizard of Oz magic show are based on this contention: “… going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, (maybe) cardiovascular disease, (maybe) diabetes and (maybe) obesity … and (maybe) help reduce our carbon footprint and (maybe) save precious resources (maybe) like fossil fuels and (maybe) fresh water.”

Backed by such phrases as: “…convincing evidence …” “… limited but suggestive evidence,” “… research suggests …” “… this may be in part …” are used to qualify claims that have not been proven.

It’s called “pop science.”

The Meatless Mafia have chosen meat as the victim for many reasons. The biggest is that the vast percent of our population has no clue where their food comes from, has no farmer friend to explain the difference between fat and lean, and therefore they are gullible to the Meatless Monday magic show.

Mind you, the Meatless Mafia are not against everybody being restricted or abused – our national health care system, for instance.

I am a scientist myself, as well as a rancher. I respect good science, especially trials and surveys that have statistical significance. As a veterinarian, when the diagnosis is not clear and not confirmed, I am cautious about prescribing treatment.

Rule Number One: “First Do No Harm.” The knowledgeable men and women working in this area of nutrition and health are entitled to speculate on the value of “Meatless Mondays.”

They have some basis to back their opinion either way. But when an issue is overtaken by the politicians, charlatans, ad men and their Meatless Mafia who deliberately manipulate the facts and blame food producers, that’s when I’m allowed to question their motives.

The culprit is not meat. The culprit is the profound abundance of produce, animal and vegetable, available to Americans, all 300 million of us, you and me, every day, every year, year after year. It’s not that they eat too much meat. It’s that they eat too much. Period.

To single out and demean farmers is one thing, but to punish all the Armed Forces enlisted soldiers with your Mandatory Meatless Monday plan is shameless. Thank goodness Congress agrees. They have passed a bill to prevent what they called activist groups (with) a “radical agenda,” stressing that military personnel should not be subjected to political agendas.

Oh and by the way – this is America. Nowhere does the law say, “Thou Shalt Not Eat Meat on Monday.”  end mark