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On the Edge of Common Sense: Springtime in the Rockies

Baxter Black for Progressive Cattle Published on 23 April 2021

When it’s springtime in the Rockies
And my lips are turning blue

I’ll be slogging through the blizzard
like a brain-dead caribou …

Ah, springtime.

That first hint of life beginning anew, the annual transformation,
its throat in long tubercular coughs that turn rain into birdshot, sleet into ice,
ice into snowflakes shaped like goatheads or bob wire,
Not falling but slicing by you like shrapnel, sandblasting your face,
freezing your rein hand into a claw and turning forty-five degrees and balmy
into assault with intent to stupefy.

Ah, springtime.

Brave wildflowers bursting from winter’s blanket, the trill of the mountain bluebird,
the exultation of a rushing brook, the whine of a spinning tire,
the splock of pliers dropped from your hand, the rattle of mudtags on a feedlot steer
that make him sound when he walks like a limping Moroccan bride.
That half-brave, half-scared elation of aiming your truck toward the muddy dirt road ruts
like a boat captain docking with the current, like Fast Eddy runnin’ one down the rail.

Ah, springtime.

The anticipation of a new bride or a butterfly waking in his cocoon.
Like Christmas Eve with all the presents of summer waiting to be opened,
the weatherman declaring winter’s over. Angels celebrating the vernal equinox
by hosing out Gabriel’s hog confinement shed,
Drip drying their laundry between the mountain tops and revving up the windchill machine
for one last recalibration.

Ah, springtime,

for me it’s best viewed through a picture window settin’ by the fire.
Once again you’ll hear me promise
You’ll be hearing from me soon.
When it’s springtime in the Rockies
I’ll be calling from Cancun … end mark