Current Progressive Cattle digital edition

Lee Pitts

California cattleman Lee Pitts provides his brand of humor on issues surrounding the ag industry.


I read in a recent article that the No. 1 trait that ranchers consider first in culling their herds, even more important than fertility, is disposition.

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Like most people involved in selling livestock, I believe that the faster you sell them, the better it is. When it comes to auctions, the speechifying should be kept to a bare minimum.

For one thing, there’s usually nothing anyone can say that the ranchers on the seats don’t already know.

Cattlemen these days are very astute; they’ve had to be to have survived this long, and they’ve studied all the numbers, EPDs and statistics to know which stock they want and how bad they want them.

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I should be pushing up daisies in some bone orchard right now after having flown on hundreds of flights piloted by auctioneers, cattle buyers, stocker operators and feedlot owners. I’d be in good company because there have been enough country western singers, auctioneers, rodeo announcers and cowboys die in airplane crashes that you could put together an impressive Plane Crash Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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