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When it comes to cattle restraint and capture, I suppose my family is not all that different from a lot of ranching families.

My brother and I always figured the best way to doctor any critter, no matter the ailment, was to rope it. If a yearling had a burr in its tail – rope it. Bad eye, snotty nose, black hide, red hide – rope it.

My dad, on the other hand, tends to always (so it seemed to us) prefer the gentleman farmer approach – run it in the corral and into the chute. So, on average, we always use best management practices, I suppose.

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I have been writing my biography for years. Well, not just living it, but trying to put it down in black and white so I would be able to share the wonderful blessings that have come into my life because of the faith I have in Jesus Christ.

With Easter coming, I thought I would share an experience from my memoirs that has given me faith and assurance that there is a loving being who knows us individually and is concerned for our lives.

This incident happened before I came to know Jesus Christ, but it affected my spiritual, mental and physical well-being for a long time. The memory still has far-reaching spiritual significance today.

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Lassen County, California, is bigger than Rhode Island, but what isn’t? And it has less people than the average funeral in New Orleans.

It is famous for its volcano and Western tradition. Joy and her husband run cows, guide hunters and rent cabins at their ranch near Butte Creek.

It was nighttime, two days before hunting season, and two poachers were butchering a deer hangin’ in a tree down by the road.

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Every Christmas I look forward to getting a traditional card from a ranch family, in which every member is mounted on a good-looking quarter horse with a silver bit in its mouth.

So you can imagine my dismay when their 2011 Christmas card arrived and they were all mounted on a lazy man’s horse ... an ATV. What is the world coming to?

I just don’t get it. The opportunity to ride a horse for a living is why many of us got into the cattle business to begin with.

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Every day the sun rises, filling the sky with pink and blue glory, sending golden light dancing over the dew-kissed or frost-laden world.

The sun climbs higher to reveal towering pines, snow-capped mountains, mirrored lakes, waving wheat fields, sparkling rivers and sun-baked deserts.

Creatures of every kind blink in the new morning light. Deer on spindly legs sip from bubbling mountain streams.

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I’ve always been kind of a data junky, especially with surveys. While in college, I worked at a marketing company that did surveys across several states on consumer feedback and political opinions.

The company built a solid track record for being able to call state political elections based on the responses of a few hundred people.

That’s one reason I was more than curious to see the results of Progressive Cattleman’s initial reader survey last year.

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