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Sometimes I think the U.S. consumer could learn a lot from international markets, especially in how we eat protein.

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Some horses are as good as gold. They take care of kids just learning, old cowgirls with osteoporosis, cowboys of any age who should have a designated driver and homeward-bound riders lost in a blizzard.

I classify these gold horses in the same category as those equidae who performed routinely heroic duties in the Pony Express, pulling cannons in the Civil War, Seabiscuit and Trigger, who could always save Roy in times of distress.

There’s a heroic picture of Cannonball hanging on the wall at Cheryl and Howard’s ranch house on the Wasatch front.

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The key to a successful auction is speed, which builds the auctioneer’s best friend: momentum. Never give buyers the opportunity to think rationally; that’s the theory. But there are people who act as auction speedbumps. Here are a few.

Two Bits – This bidder always wants to cut the bid. If the auctioneer is taking $100 bids he’ll offer $50; if it’s 10 cents he’ll offer a nickel, all of which makes the auctioneer chant tongue-twisting numbers he wouldn’t ordinarily use.

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The identity of cattle production has long been attached to the iconic image of the rancher roaming the prairie on horseback.

With today’s population of food consumers a few generations removed from the family farm, most of them likewise envision beef ranchers inspecting their herd while perched in a saddle.

This raises the question of whether that image is based in reality among today’s beef production herds. The answer is yes – but perhaps not as much as we think.

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Here's a great story from The Kansas City Star that shows how cattle rustling is still happening in beef production states - and how those suspects are being caught.

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Few beef packing plants have been through the kind of turmoil that the former XL Foods packing facility in Brooks, Alberta has seen in the past year.

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