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Every day the sun rises, filling the sky with pink and blue glory, sending golden light dancing over the dew-kissed or frost-laden world.

The sun climbs higher to reveal towering pines, snow-capped mountains, mirrored lakes, waving wheat fields, sparkling rivers and sun-baked deserts.

Creatures of every kind blink in the new morning light. Deer on spindly legs sip from bubbling mountain streams.

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I’ve always been kind of a data junky, especially with surveys. While in college, I worked at a marketing company that did surveys across several states on consumer feedback and political opinions.

The company built a solid track record for being able to call state political elections based on the responses of a few hundred people.

That’s one reason I was more than curious to see the results of Progressive Cattleman’s initial reader survey last year.

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Three giant lobby groups from an alternative time warp are engaged in a furious hissy fit whose purpose is raising money to pay lawyers. “Send money so we can litigate, pay company executives and solicit more funds!”

“Animals are overrunning government property,” they exclaimed, “… and endangering the environment. These are domestic animals that have been turned loose to fend for themselves and have multiplied exponentially!” Sound familiar?

Yes, the lobby groups are the usual suspects: Sierra Club, Audubon Society and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

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Some time ago, I taught my husband’s heavy equipment class of high school students how to write a résumé and cover letter and gave them information to prepare them for an interview with a potential employer.

I talked to them about skills, work experience, education and interests. I talked of job portfolios and letters of recommendation.

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0112pc_pitts_1My grandpa always said, “Horses don’t improve with age ... especially right after you just bought one.”

As verification of Grandpa’s wisdom, I offer the following account of actual events as told to me by my friend George.

I believe I have the story correct, but if details are lacking it is only because George couldn’t stop laughing long enough to recount the epic saga.

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Government is too big. Taxes are too high. And the private sector is the best resource for developing jobs and innovation.

There, I said ’em. Three of the biggest assertions you’ll hear over the next several months while listening to candidates running for Congress and the White House in 2012.

Truth be told, I can’t fault politicians and policy wonks for throwing out those haymakers. Heck, I’m probably one of the biggest advocates for keeping government excess in check.

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