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Like most people involved in selling livestock, I believe that the faster you sell them, the better it is. When it comes to auctions, the speechifying should be kept to a bare minimum.

For one thing, there’s usually nothing anyone can say that the ranchers on the seats don’t already know.

Cattlemen these days are very astute; they’ve had to be to have survived this long, and they’ve studied all the numbers, EPDs and statistics to know which stock they want and how bad they want them.

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Say what you want about the federal government being too big, too greedy and too cumbersome to effectively regulate free enterprise. But sometimes even an 800-pound gorilla has to listen and change.

That’s what unfolded when thousands of livestock producers and cattlemen provided feedback on the National Animal Identification System two years ago.

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I can’t remember how many songs Martin wrote, probably half of my notebook full of livin’ room hits! I guess nobody knew me as well as Martin. All those sad love songs, honky tonk songs, funny ones, bluegrass, country, cowboy, even the occasional gospel song, he heard first.

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0211pc_tenney_1The store windows are full of red lacy hearts, Cupids with arrows, and boxes of chocolates. It’s time for that wonderful lovers’ day called Valentine’s Day.

I used to hate Valentine’s. It was a day of frustration and emptiness. As a spinster of 38, I hadn’t had much experience with Cupid. My friends got chocolates, flowers, and dates.

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As if raising cattle in harsh conditions wasn’t hard enough, today’s beef producer faces an enormous uphill battle on the landscape of public relations.

Eating beef remains popular, healthy and affordable in today’s market. And yet the growing percentage of the population with no direct ties to agriculture creates a complex obstacle for the beef industry.

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It’s a new year for beef producers, and as fate would have it – it’s almost hard to think how conditions might be better.

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