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When Daryl Strohbehn retired as an Iowa State Extension beef specialist, there was one project he wasn’t ready to give up the reins to.

Since 2003, he has tracked the profit values for sires of calves enrolled in the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF).

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progressive forumProgressive Forum is a compilation of viewpoints from cattle producers on a given topic. Hear what those with boots on the ground have to say about the issues.


What stockmanship practice has improved animal welfare on your operation?

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At times in the cattle industry, it can be hard to distinguish one breeder from another.

Seedstock producers do everything they can to produce the best genetics possible.

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Popularity spikes upward for the Black Hereford breed

Hereford, the image of a red cow with white markings comes to mind.

However, there is a new color of Hereford on the rise.

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The drought has eased in places, but it persists in 40 percent of the U.S. and another 10 percent could revert if seasonal rains stay away this summer.

That outlook from the USDA Drought Monitor has many ranchers short on grazing or water at a crossroads:

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No matter the size or scope of a cattle operation, quality feed is a driver of profitability.

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