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Regional winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award Program visit with Progressive Cattleman about the practices that earned them recognition at the 2015 NCBA Convention.

Nebraska is cattle country. Doesn’t matter where you go within its borders; it’s cattle country. Feedlots line the highways, separated only by corn fields and rolling sandhills of prairie grass.

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“I’ve never seen so many Bentley cars at one stoplight as I have in China.”

That observation by Tom Seitz characterizes the burgeoning economic growth currently unfolding in China.

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It was a good year at the Hoot Owl Ranch.

Lots of cattlemen would share that assessment this year, but manager Kenny Stauffer and his wife, Misty, are confident there will be many more like it to come, regardless of the traditional cattle market.

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“You’ve got to want to do what you’re doing … and work at it,” says Hugh Ingalls about what it takes to persevere in the cattle business on the unforgiving prairie through the ups and downs of weather, cattle prices and the rippling trends of purebred genetics.

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progressive forumProgressive Forum is a compilation of viewpoints from cattle producers on a given topic. Hear what those with boots on the ground have to say about the issues.


What do you think is the potential of genetic selection?

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