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Slideshow: Hidden Acres Farm

Published on 23 February 2018

Single-trait selection is not a good business plan, according to Larry Echols of Gap Mills, West Virginia. Single-trait selection is like shopping for a baseball where the only selection criterion is that “it’s round.” A grapefruit is round too, and that wouldn’t win very many ballgames.

“We’ve never single-trait selected,” Larry says. “You just get in trouble. You can select for carcass and make progress on your carcass, but what have you done to your cows? If you’ve got cows you can’t get bred back because they’re raising yield grade 1 and 2 calves, what have you accomplished? I’d rather get 3’s, not get a premium but get a calf every year. Having a calf is the number one thing to profitability. I don’t care what anybody else says. If they don’t have a calf, you don’t have any opportunity to get a check.”

Hidden Acres Farm carries 600 commercial cows with another 600 to 700 head of stockers. Take a visual tour of the ranch below. Photos by Lynn Jaynes and Carrie Veselka.  end mark

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Hidden Acres Farm