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The second-generation perspective

Progressive Cattleman Editor Cassidy Woolsey Published on 21 July 2017
Sally Yon

Sally: We are all working on the same farm, but we don’t really see a lot of each other. Even though the meetings take longer than needed some days, they are good because they help everyone know what’s going on.

Drake Yon at Kempfer Ranch in St. Cloud, Florida.

Drake: In my mind, getting experience was one of the smartest things they made us do. It gave us a different perspective. It helped us understand what a boss in another industry is going to expect from us, not just our parents. I think all of us learned a lot, and we are using what we learned today. I had never been on a feedlot, and now I know what that’s like and what they are looking for.

Corbin at Lovett Farms in Cuthbert, Georgia

Corbin: My advice for the younger generation is to find what you’re good at. I am not bad with the cows, but I would rather be doing the row crop side of things.

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PHOTO 1: Sally received a bachelor’s degree in agriculture education and a master’s degree in agriculture communications. Her internships included Amick Farms (a poultry operation), Clemson Extension Service and Certified Angus Beef in Wooster, Ohio. This photo was taken on a visit to CAB headquarters.

PHOTO 2: Drake received a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics and business. His internships took him to Garden City, Kansas, to Triangle H Grain & Cattle; Sitz Angus Ranch in Dillon, Montana; and shown here at Kempfer Ranch in St. Cloud, Florida.

PHOTO 3: Corbin received a bachelor’s degree in ag mechanization and business, and completed internships on two different commercial cattle and row crop farms – one of which was a customer of Yon Family Farms. The photo was taken at Lovett Farms in Cuthbert, Georgia. Photos provided by the Yon family.

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