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  • Historically, the primary limitation of valuing feeder calves has been accurately gauging the profit potential in the largest genetic group within the industry — the crossbred calf. International Genetic Solutions (IGS), a collaborative effort of numerous breed associations, has developed a tool to assist in determining feeder calf value, called the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ (FPC).

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  • What do you do with a problem that is undefinable, hard to understand and lacks a consensus? That’s the constant challenge facing the beef industry because it describes perfectly the issue of sustainability.

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  • July deworming is a frequently overlooked opportunity to control nematode (worm) infections and increase calf weight gains. Many cow-calf producers deworm their cows in the spring. The addition of a July deworming of cows and calves has been shown to provide seasonal control of worm infections in late winter- or early spring-born calves. Calves gain more weight and are heavier at weaning as a result of improved worm control during summer grazing.

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  • A sometimes underappreciated, if not completely forgotten, link of the beef production chain is the cull cow market and slaughter segment. I am probably one of those who, at times, has not adequately appreciated the significance and contributions of the cull cow to the grand scheme of our little cowboy party.

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