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Progressive Cattleman Issue 12 2015


In the 12th issue of Progressive Cattleman, the issue theme is year in review and Christmas. This issue will reflect on the hot fire season, the top 10 articles of 2015 and memories of Christmas past.

Equipment and facilities is the focus topic. Learn how to get the most from bale processors and why a good squeeze chute is essential for low-stress cattle handling.

Be sure to read Paul Marchant's column, "Mourn with those that mourn."

Progressive Cattleman Issue 11 2015


The November 2015 issue of Progressive Cattleman discusses beef technology and herd health. Articles focus on the growth of mobile phone apps dedicated to beef ranching, the role of sex-sorted semen in herd genetics, and some alternatives to feeding antibiotics in the feedyard.

But first, be sure to check out the cover story, "Power behind the badge: Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association uses technology, experience to protect ranching way of life.”

Also don’t miss Paul Marchant’s column for this month: “The farmers may not be so bad.”

Progressive Cattleman Issue 10 2015


In the October issue of Progressive Cattleman, the issue theme is feedlot and fall run. Articles include "The fall run: Getting calves ready at the ranch level" and "Dealing with shrink when marketing cattle."

The issue is also focusing on nutrition and feed. Learn how trace mineral supplementation is a key benefit to cow nutrition, or find out if your cattle are getting enough vitamin D.

And don't miss the editorial, "Export struggles shouldn't halt beef's momentum," or Baxter Black's "The fall run."

Progressive Cattleman Issue 9 2015


In the September issue of Progressive Cattleman, the issue theme is calving and breeding. Article topics include leasing bulls, low-stress herding, fall calving and cattle reproduction technology.

Range and pasture are also discussed. Articles include "Fencing for short-duration grazing," "Utilizing crop residue as a feed source" and "Are range cubes an option for your operation?" And be sure to read the second part of "Top 10 beef cow-calf management myths."

Progressive Cattleman Issue 8 2015


The August issue of Progressive Cattleman is defining what sustainability is and how the industry is pursuing it. Articles include "Is multi-species grazing a solution to sustainability?," "Heavier carcasses are the trend; is it sustainable?" and more.

Herd health is the focus topic. A major subject covered is antibiotic growth promoters and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Read about how many producers are exploring how to promote cattle growth without antibiotics. Also read about how heat stress impacts cattle health and how nutrition can help control weaning-time stress.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 7 2015


In this July issue of Progressive Cattleman, stockmanship and animal welfare will be a main focus. We will discuss pain management issues when castrating, and tips for handling compromised animals.

Equipment and facilities are also discussed. Articles include "Why science doesn't support rotational grazing," "Keep fly tag rotation in mind when thinking about pests" and "Safety is the best policy when using young labor."

Also be sure to check out the news section, which covers the Texas flood and agricultural drones.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 6 2015


In the June issue of Progressive Cattleman, the focus topic is range and pasture.

Learn how to control woody species around fencelines, or how to plan grazing in order to restore range ecosystems. Other articles outline how to safely conduct a prescribed burn and how to identify gophers or other burrowing animals.

As summer gets underway and more travelers take to the road, be prepared and learn if you would have any legal liability if a car hit one of your cattle.

Also included in this issue is an online-first article, “How to eliminate toxic fescue from pastures.” And be sure to download a copy of our 2014 U.S. Beef Stats poster that is featured in this month’s issue.

Progressive Cattleman Issue 5 2015


The May issue of Progressive Cattleman is all about beef quality. The issue theme is Beef Quality Assurance and meat safety. We are discussing treatment protocols, quality grades and the future of antibiotic use in cattle. Plus, find out how the 60 days around weaning can influence beef marbling.

Also in this issue are several articles focusing on nutrition and feed. Articles include, "Is your feed supplier double-checking your mineral?," "Cattle transitioning to wheat require acclimation period" and "Taste preferences in beef."

Progressive Cattleman Issue 4 2015


In the April issue of Progressive Cattleman, articles range in topic from herd rebuilding to preserving equipment.

The issue theme is stockers and growers. Here, learn what to consider when buying land for expansion; find out when you need to use intranasal vaccines for your calves; and learn how researchers are trying to remove pinyon and juniper trees from Utah’s Great Basin.

This issue’s focus topic is equipment and facilities. Article subjects include the essentials of getting and keeping a grazing permit for public lands, loading and hauling cattle with safety in mind and repurposing materials for a cheap alternative to equipment.