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Progressive Cattle Issue 1 2020


The January issue of Progressive Cattle highlights calving season. Pick up some pointers on preventing and treating scours, and learn some tips and tricks to dealing with dystocia. Also included is feed and nutrition. Take a look at nutrition for calving season, and learn some strategies for feeding cows during the winter. Lastly, start the new year off right with a fresh look at cattle record keeping.

Progressive Cattle Issue 2 2020


The February issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on herd health. See how active dry yeast probiotics can help reduce health and growth challenges see when feeding newly arrived feeder calves, and learn about interstitial pneumonia and how to detect it. Also included is production sales. Get some tips on making "picture day" less stressful, and get some tips on how to choose the right bull and pay the right price for one during production sale season. Lastly, be aware of the federal and state rules that dictate how you transport cattle from one place to another.

Progressive Cattle Issue 3 2020


The March issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on reproduction and genetics. Get some insights on using A.I., IVF and embryo transfer, and learn how to make the sire selection process simpler. Also included is facilities and equipment. See how you can take your cattle handling system to the next level, and find out how thermal sensors work on the ranch. Lastly, learn three areas to focus on for optimum bull fertility.

Progressive Cattle Issue 4 2020


The April issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on pest control. Get some insights on fly control, and learn how to manage internal parasites through proper grazing practices. Also included is grazing. Learn how to use targeted grazing to establish firebreaks, and learn how to keep your land safe through conservation easements. Lastly, see how a Tennessee stocker finishing operation stays successful through simplicity.

Progressive Cattle Issue 5 2020


The May issue of Progressive Cattle highlights beef quality. Get some tips for preventing the spread of COVID-19 during spring cattle work, and get some tips on how to prevent bruising. Also included is feed and nutrition. See how ration balancing compares to square dancing, and learn how to reduce liver abscesses. Lastly, find out how to add value through non-hormone-treated cattle programs.

Progressive Cattle Issue 6 2020


The June issue of Progressive Cattle highlights stewardship. Get a solid definition of stewardship and some tips on how to tailor stewardship practices for your operation. Also included is grazing. Learn how to develop a grazing management plan and find some insights on weed management through strategic grazing. Lastly, get some pointers on including the next generation in decision making during difficult times.

Progressive Cattle Issue 7 2020


The July issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on the industry outlook. Learn what new technologies can offer for animal health solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and get tips on how to best market your cattle at this time. Also, find some ways to improve your decision-making skills or keep your cool during busy times. Lastly, get back to the basics when it comes to grazing and a rangeland management plan.

Progressive Cattle Issue 10 2020


The October issue of Progressive Cattle focuses on the fall run. Get some tips on transitioning calves to the feedlot, and starting high-risk cattle on feed. Also included is feed and nutrition. Learn how to determine if mineral supplements are worth the cost, and consider some factors for monitoring nutrition needs for range cattle. Lastly, learn some feedlot management insights from Bledsoe Cattle Company, the BQA’s 2020 Feedyard of the Year.

Progressive Cattle Issue 11 2020


The November issue of Progressive Cattle highlights beef technology. See what other benefits RFID tags can provide beyond traceability. Also included is herd health. Learn about the signs of rabies in horses and cattle and how to protect animals against it, and get some tips to build nutrition to protect immune and digestive systems. Lastly, see how automation could change the future of beef processing.

Progressive Cattle Issue 12 2020


The December issue of Progressive Cattle covers facilities and equipment. Explore the possibilities of your cattle handling and facilities by finding small ways to improve. Also included is our Christmas coverage and year in review. Review the top news events from 2020 and our top-performing online articles, and get some holiday menu and gift ideas from our 12 days of beef at Christmas section.