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Cattlemen take stock of ideas at Red Angus Convention

Julie Brown Published on 01 October 2010
Bob Weaber presentation

In an event that was the first of its kind held with a breed convention, the Red Angus Convention hosted a commercial outreach/forum that featured a presentation by Bob Weaber from the University of Missouri and a panel of commercial cattleman and marketing leaders.

Cattlemen looking at some Red Angus cows

The event was enthusiastically received by a full house of approximately 425 people who enjoyed lunch and participated in the interactive session that followed addressing a variety of current important topics to all cattleman including bull selection, retained ownership, crossbreeding and others.

The session concluded with a presentation by Trent Loos titled “Your Animal Rights.”  Sitting on the panel were Mick Plummer, commercial cattleman, Mountain Grove, Missouri; Monty Wheeler, commercial cattleman, Bolivar, Missouri; Jim McCann, commercial cattleman, Miller, Missouri; Kirby Lane, Neo-Sho Red Angus, Neosho, Missouri; Lynn Pelton, Pelton Simmental/Red Angus, Burdette, Kansas; and Jackie Moore, Joplin Regional Stockyards, Joplin, Missouri. end_mark