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KRIRM expands lectureship outreach to Oklahoma, Montana and South Dakota

Published on 06 March 2017

The King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management (KRIRM) will hold three off-site lectureships in 2017, expanding from the events held in Kingsville, Texas, to Oklahoma, Montana and South Dakota.

Traditionally, all the lectureships offered are held in Kingsville, Texas. However, as the lectureships grew in attendance numbers and expanded in topics, the decision to host events in other ranching states (in addition to the events held in Kingsville) was the next logical step in KRIRM’s outreach mission to offer the highest quality lectureships and symposia to ranching industry stakeholders.

In May 2017, KRIRM will partner with Montana State University Extension and South Dakota State University West River Ag Center to offer the “Application of Advanced Genetic Technology in Beef Cattle.” Two sessions will be held: May 8-9, 2017, in Bozeman, Montana, and May 11-12, 2017, in Rapid City, South Dakota. In early 2016 when this lectureship was held for the first time in Kingsville, a record lectureship attendance of more than 60 ranchers, landowners and stakeholders from nine states and two countries attended to learn about genetic selection and evaluation innovations that have rapidly evolved over the years. Beef cattle experts Dr. Bob Weaber and Dr. Matt Spangler instructed the lectureship, helping attendees to build and apply their knowledge of genetic advancements in the real world of seedstock and commercial cattle production. Both Weaber and Spangler will return as instructors for the lectureships offered in Montana and South Dakota.

The third lectureship held off-site will be the “Human Resource Management for Ranchers” lectureship in Ardmore, Oklahoma, June 9-10, 2017. This lectureship will be held in partnership with The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization that strives to advance agricultural science and practice through field and laboratory research, and through consultation to farmers, ranchers and land managers in the Southern Great Plains. The human resource management lectureship will offer attendees training in workforce planning and employee management, and is designed to build the skill set of ranch managers so they can more effectively plan for, understand and lead current and future employees of the ranch.

In 2016, the strategic planning lectureship was the first KRIRM lectureship held out of state, and it offered a glimpse into the potential success of holding lectureships in more central regions of the country. The lectureship was held in partnership with the Noble Foundation at its campus in Ardmore. Because of its great success and positive feedback from the more than 42 ranchers and agriculturalists in attendance, the decision was made to host the “Human Resource Management for Ranchers” lectureship with the Noble Foundation in 2017.

“We believe partners like The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Oklahoma, the extension service at land grant universities and potentially other organizations will be a key component to increase the outreach of KRIRM,” said Clay Mathis, Ph.D., director and endowed chair of KRIRM.

Registration to the genetic technology and human resource management lectureships is $300 for each event, which includes all workbook materials, equipment, refreshments and meals. More information about each lectureship – including the agendas, learning objectives and location information – can be found at the KRIRM website, or call the KRIRM office at (361) 593-5401.  end mark

—From King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management news release