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CattleWomen trained as National Beef Speakers Bureau

Published on 24 February 2011

Twenty CattleWomen from across the United States recently received extensive public speaking training. The “National Beef Speakers Bureau” (NBSB) is part of the new “Tell the Beef Story”, a checkoff funded program managed by the American National CattleWomen, Inc.  (ANCW). 

The program, developed by the ANCW Animal Wellbeing Committee, was established to “Tell the Beef Story” to both adult and youth non agricultural consumer audiences. The new NBSB volunteer spokespersons will in turn train 10 additional cattlewomen to speak on behalf of the beef industry.  The team has a prepared power point presentation based on recent research specifically tested with consumer groups to ensure the best possible reception.

To kick off the training, Dr. Wes Jamison, Associate Professor of Communication, Palm Beach Atlantic University, addressed the group regarding research on effective messaging in today’s environment. Dr. Jamison’s academic research involves public relations theories as they relate to activist communications and urban-rural conflict. He also researches the delegitimization of animal use in western culture. Ms. Sue Schraider of Power Presentations, taught effective Power Point presentation skills. Volunteers then worked in small groups on their presentation with video feedback coached by animal health industry professional trainers: Susan K. Tonkin , Pfizer; David Jamison, Merial; and Daniel Trvdy and Erik Risa, Boehringer-Ingelheim.

The following day, trainees visited the JBS Headquarters and Five Rivers feedlot near Greeley, Colo. Mr. Len Huskey, Director of Quality Assurance, provided information on how JBS harvests beef.

The NBSB volunteers are a diverse group of industry women from 5th generation ranchers, feedlot owners, small meat processors, attorneys, to professional educators – but all share the passion to tell consumers the true story of beef. For information regarding presentations to consumer groups, contact the ANCW office at (303)694-0313 or email 

Telling the Beef Story are these National Beef Speakers Bureau team members:   Malorie Bankhead, Calif., Bonnie Bargstedt, N.Y., Tevarhee Brackin, Okla., Faustine Curry, Tex., Doreen Gillespie, Mont., Andrea Hutchison, Okla., Barbara Jackson, Ariz., Jeannie Kiehn, Wash., Susan Magnuson, Colo., Tammie Jean McElroy, Calif., Kelly McGarva, Ore., Suzanne Menges, Ariz., Sidney Merkley, Nev., Melodi Molt, Ore., Mindy Patterson, Mo., Calli Pritchard, S.D., Cari Rincker, N.Y., Jeanene Russo, Wash., Jennifer Scharpe, Minn., and Joanne Stanko, Colo. end_mark

-- ANCW press release