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Florida hunters kill monster gator they say was eating cattle

Published on 11 April 2016

Weighing in at nearly 800 pounds and measuring close to 15 feet, a monster gator was shot and killed by two Florida hunters, Lee Lightsey and Blake Godwin, during a guided hunt on April 2.

Lightsey, who owns the hunting business Outwest Farms in Okeechobee, spotted the alligator earlier that weekend in one of his ponds – but it wasn’t just the size of the gator that caught his attention.

“What really drew our attention to this animal was the fact that it seems to have been feasting on the cattle on my farm, because mutilated body parts were found in the water,” Lightsey told BBC News. “It was a monster which needed to be removed.”  end mark

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—Compiled by Progressive Cattleman staff