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National Farm-City Council announces standing committee assignments

National Farm-City Council Published on 31 May 2011

The National Farm-City Council has announced new officers and the chairs of its five standing committees, all dedicated to enhancing links between farm families and urban residents.

A non-profit organization, the Council provides local organizations with educational programs about people who grow our food. In addition, it organizes an annual symposium on a significant topic of interest to both farm and city residents.

The new officers are Hugh Whaley, Drake & Company, chairman; Jerry Harrington, Pioneer Hi-Bred, vice chairman; Jeff Helms, Alabama Farmers Federation, secretary/treasurer; and Al Pell, Ag Day, immediate past president.

Chairs of the five committees are Betty Wolanyk, Ag Literacy Works, Materials and Participation; Gene Hemphill, Industry Affairs Consultant, Special Events; Hugh Whaley and Jeff Helms, co-chairs of Finance; Jerry Harrington, Publicity and PR; and Walter Armbruster, Farm Foundation (retired), Audit.

In addition, the National Farm-City Council recently has added the following members: Jim Nagel, Optimists International, St. Louis, Missouri; Betsy Rosemann, Wayne County Chamber, Goldsboro, North Carolina; and Betty Wolanyk, Ag Literacy Works, Barker, New York.

For the past several years, the National Farm-City has sponsored national symposiums on issues impacting both urban and rural citizens. In November 2010, the Council organized a nationally broadcast panel discussion in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on "Agriculture: A Growing Story," discussing the media's coverage of agriculture and farmers. This Farm-City Symposium and luncheon served as a kickoff for Farm-City Week, commemorated during the week before Thanksgiving.

These efforts are complemented by materials provided by the Council to county and state organizations that work on educational efforts. In recent years, the major focus of the programs and materials has been on consumer and classroom education. Student activity sheets, teacher packets, placemats and bookmarks are just a few of the materials the Council has created to support its mission.

In the past year, thousands of materials were used in classrooms, at Farm-City banquets, at civic club meetings and in other venues. Farm-City activities are grass roots in nature. Communities across the nation hold Farm-City events ranging from banquets to tours to job exchanges. The Council works closely with Agriculture in the Classroom programs in educating students and teachers about agriculture.

In addition, the National Farm-City Council recognizes organizations, businesses, groups and individuals for their outstanding work in accomplishing the mission of farm-city relations.

For those interested in organizing a local Farm-City event, go to the National Farm-City website or call (202) 406-3706end_mark

—From National Farm-City news release