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Sens. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) and Jon Tester (D-Montana), along with 17 other co-sponsors from both parties, introduced the “Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act,” a bipartisan approach to giving livestock haulers some relief from the hours-of-service rules and the electronic logging devices (ELD) mandate that poses a problem for transporting livestock effectively and humanely.

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A clear majority of Progressive Cattleman readers don't use growth implants on their calves, according to a recent Progressive Cattleman poll.

In an online poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, "Do you use growth implants in calves?"

Although 13.8 percent of respondents used implants on all their calves, and 22 percent used implants on steers only, a big majority (64.2 percent) did not use implants at all. end mark

Do you use growth implants in calves?

  • Yes: 13.8%

  • No: 64.2%

  • Just in steers: 22%


After months of negotiations, U.S. and Japan trade officials have reached an agreement that will give U.S. beef unrestricted access to Japan’s competitive meat market. 

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The USDA recently released an implementation timeline for beefing up its disease traceability program by transitioning to a 100 percent radio-frequency identification (RFID) system by 2023.

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