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Poll: Readers hire minimal part-time help

Published on 07 July 2017

Most Progressive Cattleman readers hire one to five part-time workers during the year.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “How many part-time workers do you hire in the year?”

It was nearly evenly split between those who never hired help and those who did. About 46.4 percent of readers said that they don’t hire part-time workers. The majority (47.3 percent), however, said they hire one to five workers a year.

Another 2 percent said they hire six to 10 workers, and 4.3 percent hire more than 10 a year.  end mark

How many part-time workers do you hire in the year?

  • None: 46.4%

  • 1-5: 47.3%

  • 6-10: 2%

  • More than 10: 4.3%


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