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Poll: And the best thing about winter is …

Published on 31 January 2022

Despite dealing with snow, ice and freezing temperatures, winter defintely has some benefits for the cattle producer. In our latest poll asking producers what the best thing about winter is, here is what you told Progressive Cattle.

No bugs led the pack, drawing 58.18% of the votes, with the lack of hot weather following at 23.64%. More downtime and "other" came in at a tie, with each getting 7.27% of the votes. Shorter days brought up the rear with 3.64% of the votes.  end mark

What is the best thing about winter?

  • No bugs: 58.18%

  • It's not hot: 23.64%

  • More downtime: 7.27%

  • Other: 7.27%

  • Shorter days: 3.64%