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Poll: Choice beef is the target grade for most ranchers

Published on 20 July 2020

"It is better to aim for the stars and miss than to aim for a pile of manure and hit it." – Unknown

According to a recent online poll, most producers aim for Choice yeild grade in their cattle herd. 

Progressive Cattle asked, "What grade of beef do you shoot for?" 

Almost half of the respondents said they shoot for Choice in their cattle. The next-largest segment responded that they aim for Prime.

More than 10% said volume is a bigger priority than yeild grade, and the smallest group of respondents said they want Select grade.  end mark

What grade of beef do you shoot for?

  • Prime: 35.4%

  • Choice: 47.7%

  • Select: 6.1%

  • Volume is more important: 10.8%