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Poll: Good tires a winter priority on ranch pickups

Published on 16 December 2019

Winter has already reached many ranches across the country.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Cattle wanted to know how ready ranchers' tires were for winter.  We asked, "What do your pickup tires look like right now?"

Almost half of the repondents (49%) indicated that their tires were in good shape – even ready for some off-roading.

The next largest group of 33.7% said their tires were good for at least one more winter.

The smallest group of 17.3% answered, "Three snowflakes and we're toast."  end mark

What do your pickup tires look like right now?

  • Let's go off-roading: 49%

  • They can stand one more winter: 33.7%

  • Three snowflakes and we're toast: 17.3%