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Poll: Manual chutes go-to for ranchers

Published on 21 September 2021

Whether your chute is less than 5 years old, or more than 30, it is a critical piece of equipment on any operation. 

 With the advent of hydraulics and more applications of technology applied to ranching facilities, hydraulic chutes have become a fixture on many ranches, or, at least, on many rancher's wish lists. 

Progressive Cattle asked producers in an online poll whether they used a manual or hydraulic chute. A landslide majority of voters, almost 81%, said they stick with manual chutes, while a slim 17% use hydraulic chutes. The remainder use some other method or type of equipment besides a manual or hydraulic chute.  end mark

Do you use a manual or hydraulic chute when working cattle?

  • Manual: 80.95%

  • Hydraulic: 17.14%

  • Other: 1.9%