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Poll: Ranchers mix it up when it comes to crossbreeding

Published on 04 April 2022

Beef genetics have come a long way in recent years. In the commercial cow/calf sector, one of the biggest decisions producers make is whether or not to include a new breed in their crossbreeding program. Angus? Brahman? Charolais? The options are practically endless. 

Progressive Cattle asked readers what kind of crossbreeding programs they use. According to the results, two out of three producers use more than one breed in their herd genetics program. 

A combined 63.2% of respondents said they use two to three breeds in their crossbreeding program. The largest single group of respondents, at 36.8%, said they stick to one breed.  end mark 

What kind of crossbreeding program do you use?

  • Two-breed terminal: 35.4%

  • Three-breed rotational: 27.8%

  • I stick with one breed: 36.8%