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Poll: Ranchers prefer fenceline weaning

Published on 14 September 2020

As fall approaches, most spring-calving herds are approaching weaning season. For calves, weaning can be more or less traumatizing depending on how it is handled by producers.

In an online poll, Progressive Cattle asked readers, "What method of weaning do you use?"

The biggest group of responders, 41% said they use fenceline weaning. 

The second-largest group (36.1%) chose corral separation, also referred to as drylot separation. 

The rest of the respondents indicated two-stage weaning (9%), or other unspecified weaning methods (13.9%).  end mark

What method of weaning do you use?

  • Fenceline: 41%

  • Corral separation: 36.1%

  • Two-stage: 9%

  • Other: 13.9%