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Poll: Ranchers shoot for improvements in 2021

Published on 04 January 2021

Fighting spirit and optimism shine through many producers' 2021 plans for their ranch. 

Progressive Cattle asked readers, "What are your ranch plans for 2021?" in an online poll.

The majority of respondents opted for land expansion, equipment and facilities updates and increasing herd size as their big goal for 2021, collectively totalling more than 48% of the votes. 

The remainder of respondents said they planned to pay of debt – 18.8%, or simply maintain their current acreage and herd size – 26.5%; while the rest gave a variety of responses ranging from improving genetics or soil health to balancing and maximizing herd efficiency.  end mark 

What are your ranch plans for 2021?

  • Increase herd size: 28.2%

  • Maintain current acreage and herd size: 26.5%

  • Pay off debt: 18.8%

  • Update equipment/facilities: 12.9%

  • Expand land: 7.1%

  • Other: 6.5%