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Poll: Ranchers tend to DIY when they A.I.

Published on 15 February 2022

The beef industry is slowly embracing reproduction technologies like embryo transfer, estrus syncing and A.I., and the brave souls who use A.I. have two choices: Do it yourself or hire a professional. 

Progressive Cattle asked readers if they A.I. their cattle themselves or use a technician, or if they use A.I. at all.

Of the respondents, almost 69% said they use A.I., and true to form, most producers that use A.I. tend to handle it themselves ... hopefully after they've properly learned how. 

A little more than 31% of respondents said they don't use A.I.  end mark

Do you handle A.I. yourself or do you use a technician?

  • I do it myself: 40.2%

  • I use a technician: 28.6%

  • I don't use A.I.: 31.2%