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Poll: Readers’ culling rate below 10 percent

Published on 03 November 2017

Most Progressive Cattleman readers have a culling rate below 10 percent.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “What is your culling rate?”

Only about 6.2 percent said they have a culling rate above 20 percent. A few more, 13.4 percent of readers, said they have a 16 to 20 percent culling rate. Many of the readers, about 36.1 percent, have a lower culling rate of 10 to 15 percent.

However, most producers (44.3 percent) are keeping their culling rate much lower – below 10 percent.  end mark

What is your culling rate?

  • Less than 10 percent: 44.3%

  • 10-15 percent: 36.1%

  • 16-20 percent: 13.4%

  • More than 20 percent: 6.2%


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