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Poll: Readers follow politics moderately

Published on 09 April 2019

Most readers follow politics “a moderate amount,” according to a recent Progressive Cattleman online poll.

Progressive Cattleman asked, “How closely do you follow politics?”

A small minority (9.7 percent) said they typically stay away from politics. Another 15 percent, however, said they cannot get enough of it. About 19.5 percent of readers were a bit more balanced, saying they check into it every once in a while.

The majority of readers weren’t political fanatics but were genuinely interested; 55.8 percent of readers said they follow politics a moderate amount.  end mark

How closely do you follow politics?

  • A moderate amount: 55.8%

  • Just once in a while: 19.5%

  • I can't get enough: 15%

  • I stay away from it: 9.7%