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Poll: Readers occasionally speak with extension agent

Published on 14 September 2018

Most Progressive Cattleman readers talk to their extension agent as least occasionally, according to a recent poll.

Progressive Cattleman recently asked, “How often do you talk to your extension agent?”

A good amount, almost half, of readers said they never talk to their extension agent, about 44.6 percent. However, a combined majority (55.4 percent) talk to their extension agent at least occasionally. Their votes were broken down into monthly (21.7 percent), three-plus times a year (12 percent) and yearly (21.7 percent).  end mark

How often do you talk to your extension agent?

  • Monthly: 21.7%

  • 3-plus times per year: 12%

  • Yearly: 21.7%

  • Never: 44.6%


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