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Poll: Readers slow it down for Sundays

Published on 28 March 2019

With a slight majority, most Progressive Cattleman readers only do the “bare minimum” or no work on Sundays.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “What are your Sunday work habits?”

Almost half of readers said they work the same amount as any other day (25.7 percent of the total vote) or even more because it’s the weekend (23.4 percent of the total vote).

However, by a very slight margin, the majority of readers said they slow it down for Sundays. About 44.4 percent said they try to do the bare minimum on Sundays, while another 6.4 percent said they do no work on Sundays.  end mark

What are your Sunday work habits?

  • Bare minimum: 44.4%

  • Same as usual: 25.7%

  • More, since it's the weekend: 23.4%

  • None: 6.4%