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Poll: Ribeye still the top choice for summer grill season

Progressive Cattleman Editor David Cooper Published on 10 June 2014

The ribeye remains the king.

As summer grilling season kicked off around Memorial Day, a Progressive Cattleman online survey asked readers what their favorite beef selection is for the open fire.

The ribeye steak was far and away the top pick with 64 percent. The old-fashioned burger took second prize with 15 percent of the vote, followed by the sirloin steak at 11 percent and strip steak with just over 9 percent.

Beef prices will see record high prices this summer as the inventory of cattle remains low due to efforts to rebuild herds across the country. And drought recovery is not happening as quickly as many producers hoped, forcing many of them to delay the decision to add to herds.  end mark

What’s your favorite beef choice for grilling season?

  • Sirloin steak: 11.2%

  • Ribeye steak: 64.5%

  • Strip steak: 9.4%

  • Old-fashioned burger: 14.9%