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Poll: Virtual ag events have lower attendance

Published on 03 August 2020

Since COVID-19 swept across the world, shutting down life as we know it, many industries, the beef industry included, have learned to adapt to the "new normal." Quarantines and shelter-in-place orders have caused widespread cancellations of ag conferences, field days and other eductional events, and the folks who facilitate those events have gotten creative with sharing knowledge with anyone who wants to learn through venues like virtual events and webinars, to name a few. 

Progressive Cattle asked readers how many virtual events they have attended since quarantine orders went into effect (roughly March 1). Here are their responses:

The majority of respondents, almost 65%, responded that they have not participated in any virtual events. Just over 27% reported they have attended between one and five events. About 3.6% said they attended six to 10 events, and less than 5% said they participated in 10 or more virtual events.  end mark

How many virtual ag-related trainings/events have you attended since March 1st?

  • Zero events: 64.3%

  • 1-5 events: 27.4%

  • 6-10 events: 3.6%

  • 10+ events: 4.7%