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T30 scale system from Te Pari

Te Pari’s T30 scale system includes loadbars mounted under the chute, connected via an onboard Wi-Fi router to the T1 “black box” scale, which sends the reading to the T30 tablet.

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Western Pro bale feeder

The new bale feeder from Western Pro is designed with hay efficiency in mind.

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Kuhn Knight ProFeed PF 100 Series delivery boxes

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Daniels Manufacturing hydraulic tipping squeeze chute

The new tipping squeeze chute from Daniels Manufacturing runs on a hydraulic operating system that comes with a remote control or standard manual valve body.

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Sensaphone 1800 system livestock facility monitor

The Sensaphone 1800 system remotely monitors conditions like temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon dioxide and power failure at livestock pens, barns and storage facilities to protect valuable animals and equipment from damage.

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