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Browse the latest new product releases and service announcements relevant to beef producers, from livestock chutes to ration management tools.


RE-COVR from KineticVet

RE-COVR KineticVet announces FDA approval of RE-COVR (tripelennamine hydrochloride injection), supplied as a sterile solution in multiple-dose vials (250 milliliters) containing 20 milligrams per milliliter.

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HogStop – Feral hog bait

HogStop is a one-stop answer to feral hog problems with a non-kill, low environmental impact solution.

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Integrated cattle management software available from 701x

701x announced the release of its first cattle management software in early January.

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1. VS Injector from Datamars Livestock

The Simcro VS Injector is a premium syringe that can help ensure accuracy, efficacy and safety when administering animal health protocols.

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1. Ag Butler

Ag Butler is a job search app specifically tailored for the ag industry.

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Z Tags Tissue Range from Datamars

The Z Tags Tissue Range offers two options: a tissue sampler only, and a tissue sampler and tag.

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