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Barn World adds PolyDome products to line of livestock supplies Published on 10 July 2012, the online mega-store for livestock supplies like cattle guards and hay feeders, has expanded their already extensive selection to include PolyDome’s line of polyethylene plastic products.

PolyDome offers a wide selection of farm and ranch supplies including bulk grain bins, lick feeders, mineral feeders, calf nurseries, dog houses, duck houses and feeders. 

The PolyDome calf nursery line is designed with superior ventilation to separate calves, promote healthy lung growth, prevent disease and allow the calf to develop to its fullest potential.

“ is always looking for better, animal friendly products and suppliers to increase the selection available to customers,” said Rob Moore, owner of Barn World. “Environmentally friendly, polyethylene products are the future of livestock supplies.”

“Greater selection helps customers get exactly what they need at a fair price. We are always available by phone to help customers choose the right size bulk grain bins, hay feeders, mineral feeders and cattle guards for the type of livestock they are working with.”

Polyethylene plastic is a great choice for livestock items. The material is impact resistant and can withstand both temperature extremes and corrosive chemicals.

Polyethylene has an easy-to-clean, slippery surface and can be recycled. Products are mostly one piece with no sharp edges or seams to injure livestock. Polyethylene is also lightweight, making products easier to move and less expensive to ship.

The PolyDome bulk feed bins are particularly well suited to high moisture materials like corn and soybeans.  end_mark

—From news release