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Injection system takes guesswork out of dosages

Animal Innovations Published on 28 February 2011


Animal Innovations has developed a platform technology that transforms a conventional syringe into an intelligent injection system called Automated Injection Technology (AIT).

In current daily practice, cattle medication dosage is calculated using either the average or estimated weight of an animal.

A fast, accurate and reliable automatic syringe-filling system is desired by the industry, and the AIT system satisfies this demand.

The AIT is easy to use, efficient to operate, accurate and economical.

Using biometric data (weight, captured via scale on working chute), the AIT automatically fills a syringe with exactly the correct medication dose for each animal, based on the specified dosage rate per hundredweight (cwt).

It is also capable of determining if multiple injections are needed, and if so, it balances the dosage so each injection site receives an equal dose.

Use of the AIT system eliminates both overdosing (wasting valuable product) and underdosing (which can retard recovery or produce other deleterious side effects). Proper medication application is as important as the medication itself.

All this adds up to a dosing accuracy of 99 percent, a standard error of less than 0.05 cc per shot, and cost savings of up to $.90 per injection.

Annualized net savings on common broad-spectrum antibiotics ranges from $4,000 to over $10,000. In addition, the AIT’s reporting functions provide an exact record of product used, allowing much more precise inventory control.

For more information, visit or call (877) 686-3444.

The AIT injection system uses biometric data to fill a syringe with the correct dose, avoiding overdoses and underdoses.

Photo courtesy Animal Innovations.