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Published on 27 December 2010

0111pc_np_clearspan_1ClearSpan Beef Master Systems now available in stock lengths

ClearSpan Beef Master Systems from FarmTek have created a controlled, comfortable environment for livestock. A four-foot exterior overhang keeps feed dry and allows more adequate space per cow, resulting in improved feed efficiencies and less animal stress.

These structures are constructed from durable materials, including 14-gauge, 2.875-inch OD Allied Gatorshield structural steel frames and a premium 12.5-ounce, 24-mil white cover that comes with a 15-year warranty. Add on a ridge vent to provide maximum air ventilation and allow moisture accumulation to escape.In-stock Beef Master Systems measure 36 feet wide by 26 feet 2 inches in height and are available in 100-foot, 150-foot, 200-foot, 250-foot and new 320-foot lengths.  For orders or information visit or call 1-800-327-6835.

PHOTO ABOVE TOP: Beef Master Systems developed new exterior overhangs to cover feed in five lengths from 100 feet to 320 feet. Photo courtesy FarmTek.

0111pc_np_winkel_1Panel carrier for secure transport of corral panels
Winkel Manufacturing announces its panel carrier designed to securely hold and transport 32 Winkel portable panels. Each panel is held in place by individual steel pins that align with the looped end of the panel. The back end is held in place with shackle-end chain and boom that comes with the unit. Easy and safe to load and unload.

The carrier has a 2-inch ball hitch and swivel jack for easy hookup. Unit features 4-by-4 square inch tubing tongue with 2-by-4-inch axle and equipped with new tires. Also holds gate panels and alley frames.

Open, accessible trailer and innovative panel design allow for quick set-up of portable panel corral in minutes. For more information, contact Winkel Manufacturing at or (785) 545-3606.

PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT: A new panel carrier from Winkel Manufacturing uses new fastening systems at two ends to safely carry panels. Photo courtesy Winkel Manufacturing.

Freeze-drying method for feed in new Life Products patent
Life Products, a division of The Vit-E-Men Co. Inc., of Norfolk, Nebraska, has received a U.S. patent on an industry-changing method for applying freeze-dried micro-organisms to all livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds.

Life Products innovative research and development team continues perfecting both its new patent-pending microbial stabilization media and its newly-patented delivery technology. Scott Watson, company president, says the “new methodologies will change the way the microbial industry conducts business with the livestock industry.”

This new patented technology uses communication, ensuring the customer has superior product delivery accountability. With the growing recognition of profitability in using probiotics, livestock producers large and small are highly motivated to include probiotics in their feeding programs. Developing this new applicator and media allows producers to apply live viable microbes in all diets.

Contact Scott Watson at for more information.

0111pc_np_teagle_1Teagle releases improved Tomahawk Bale Processor
In response to worldwide demands for bigger bale processors to provide for the ever-increasing sizes of livestock units, Teagle has introduced the Tomahawk 1005 and 1010 machines.

A common chassis and blower unit forms the basis of the new models. The low-sided 1005 has a single cross beater feeding the material into the blower rotor. The high-sided 1010 model has twin cross beaters to dispense the extra depth of material with speed. The single beater fitted in the Tomahawk 1005 enables it to handle baled silage as well as bunker silage and straw. The twin beaters used in the 1010 model give enhanced output and the ability to cope easily with the extra depth of material. The Tomahawk 1010 is recommended for use with straw and bunker silage. Both models have 5-foot 6-inch-wide bale chambers. Bale capacity is three 6-by-5-foot round bales or two rectangular bales. The 1010 model, with its 5-foot 2-inch tall sides, will hold four quadrant bales. The 1005 has a capacity of 220 bushels and the 1010 can hold 280 bushels of bunker silage.

For further details, visit or contact your local dealer.

PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT: The new Tomahawk bale processor handles baled silage, bunker silage and straw with cross-beater technology. Photo courtesy Teagle.

New Krogmann Feeder Trailer saves fuel, time and hay
Krogmann Manufacturing of Sabetha, Kansas, recently unveiled its Krogmann Feeder Trailer, designed to efficiently transport and feed large round bales to cattle on location. This feeder trailer was built to keep hay waste to a very minimum. Results have shown the Krogmann to save between 20 to 30 percent of hay over conventional hay feeders. The racks will fold flat for moving hay off fields and they quickly fold in feeder position, saving time.Load and haul or feed without getting off your tractor. Each model can hold and feed several large round bales. Trailer level height allows cattle easy access to hay with less waste, saving fuel, time and hay. The standard size feeder trailer comes in 20-foot or 28-foot lengths. For more information, contact Krogmann at 877-745-3783.  end_mark