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New products gallery – April 2020

Published on 24 March 2020
Western Pro bale feeder

Western Pro bale feeder

The new bale feeder from Western Pro is designed with hay efficiency in mind.

The combined rack and tray are designed to eliminate the top sources of hay loss including trampling, leaf shatter, chemical deterioration, physical deterioration, fecal contamination, refusal and overconsumption.

The feeder is constructed of 12-gauge steel and weighs over 900 pounds. It has dual doors for quick and safe bale loading and can feed any sized bale up to 72 inches wide. The tray is made from high-molecular, high-density polyethylene, tested from temperatures of -20ºF to 140ºF and light-colored to aid in heat dissipation in hot weather. Bars run around the edge of the feeder base to discourage calves from venturing under the feeder.

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Performance Primer

Kent Performance Primer

Performance Primer is a blend of Kent Nutrition Group’s proprietary NutriVantage technology, Kent Natural Yeast, Y900 MOS, along with vitamin E and organic trace minerals. Performance Primer is specifically formulated to aid in optimal performance in all classes of cattle during periods of stress. Easy to use, Kent Performance Primer is designed to complement the current nutrition – simply add to the TMR or top-dress at the rate of 0.25 pound per head per day during times of predicted stress or desired performance.

Visit Kent Feeds for more information.

74 Series portable squeeze chute

Arrowquip Q-Catch 74 Series portable

The 74 Series portable squeeze chute is built with a new patented frame that helps the entire system – a squeeze chute, 8-foot alley and crowding tub – contract to 29.5 feet long. The 8-foot tub folds up to 3 feet wide. The industry-grade adjustable hitch makes the system easy to tow regardless of terrain. The new headgate lets cattle see out, encouraging them to move forward through the chute. The redesigned Q-Catch head gate includes a push-to close, pull-to-open handle that can be used anywhere alongside the chute. And the squeeze goes from 29.5 inches down to just 7.75 inches, accommodating any size of cattle.

The chute comes with several access panels to make processing and inspecting cattle a less stressful experience for humans and cattle. It comes with a new needle access door with a drop-down needle access bar, along with split side access doors, removable inspection panels and a full-size vet cage. The alley is upgraded with adjustment cables that allow the user to adjust both sides of the alley from one side, and the new safety latches keep the sides from dropping down unintentionally.

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Ingenity + Envigor from Neogen

Neogen recently released Igenity + Envigor, the first genetic test in the beef industry to measure heterosis in crossbred cattle. In cattle, heterosis is the tendency of a crossbred calf to show traits superior to those of its parents.

Envigor adds several new features to Neogen’s existing Igenity Beef platform. In addition to the 16 traits reported with Igenity Beef, Envigor provides an estimate of heterosis in crossbred cattle on a scale from 1 to 10. A higher score indicates increased heterosis.

Analysis by Neogen’s research and development team has found that a 1-score-increase in Envigor leads to a 4% increase in the probability of a heifer getting pregnant alongside a 4% increase in her likelihood to stay in the herd for six years. Both are critical traits regarding the bottomline-impacting costs of raising replacement heifers.

Visit Igenity Beef for more information.

KeyShure Plus

KeyShure Plus from Balchem

Balchem recently introduced the KeyShure Plus line of chelated minerals. KeyShure Plus utilizes Balchem’s proprietary chelation technology combined with new formulation techniques to deliver a line of minerals with higher metal content and improved handling characteristics. Key ingredients include zinc, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium.

The KeyShure line of chelated trace minerals help increase bioavailability. Greater bioavailability improves animal performance and producer profitability. KeyShure Plus also features improved handling characteristics. The granular texture reduces dust and improves flowability and the larger particle size also enhances mixability for a more consistent distribution in feed.

Visit Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health for more information.

Calf taxi

Calf Taxi

Calf Taxi is a portable calf warmer, invented by Marvin Packard of Springfield, Colorado, that has recently become commercially available. Marvin is a farmer and rancher that came up with the idea for a newborn calf warmer because he saw the heat from his vehicle’s exhaust going to waste. He invented a way to put that heat to use. The calf warmer hooks up to the back hitch of a pickup. It also has an adapter that fits on the box with a quick hitch that hooks up to your four-wheeler or side-by-side.

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Insulights are an affordable, agricultural electric fence insulator that helps livestock and orchard managers protect and manage their electric fences. Insulights are the only blue insulator equipped with a flashing LED light that warns farmers and ranchers of their damaged electric fence.

Insulights work on steel posts, wooden posts and T-posts, and work with the most common fencing materials – wire, braided poly wire and tape. When installed, Insulights flash with the pulse of the electric fence. When there is a break in the circuit, they stop flashing. Checking electric fences is now as easy as looking down the electric fenceline: The flash of the Insulights assures farmers and ranchers their fence circuit is hot.

Insulights also combine the functions of insulator testers and pest deterrents. The LED lights and blue insulators help prevent deer from running through the fencing during the early morning and evening migrations.

Visit Insulights for more information.

Bio One from Newport Laboratories

Minnesota-based Newport Laboratories recently launched Bio One, a proprietary one-dose adjuvant that helps reduce time, labor and expense by removing the need for booster shots.

Many bovine custom-made vaccines require an initial administration and a second booster shot several weeks later, but due to the added labor cost and logistical challenges associated with administering the second dose, it is commonly overlooked. This can compromise the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Bio One delays the elimination of antigens and thus permits immune responses to last longer, removing the need for a second dose.

Visit Newport Laboratories for more information.

Monovet 90

Monovet from Huvepharma

Monovet 90 is a monensin product that improves feed efficiency, increases milk production and prevents and controls coccidiosis in cattle.

Monovet 90 helps cattle on high-roughage rations, such as pasture or silage, get more energy from their ration and increase their rate of gain. It also helps increase weight gain among beef and dairy replacement heifers by getting them to breeding weight sooner, which offers heifers the potential to achieve production sooner along with increased potential to continue to breed earlier throughout their lifetimes.

Monovet 90 can improve energy metabolism among mature reproducing beef cows and lactating dairy cows by helping cows get the most energy from their feed and can help reduce overall supplemental feed needs and decrease input costs. It also helps prevent and control coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii.

Visit Huvepharma for more information.


RespiVax from Huvepharma

RespiVax 5 + PH-M, a convenient, single-dose vaccine to protect cattle against viral and bacteria challenges associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD), is now available from Huvepharma.

RespiVax 5/Pulmo-Guard PH-M vaccine received USDA license and has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy cattle 5 months old or older. In field safety trials, it was deemed safe for use in weaned, non-pregnant cattle under field conditions when administered subcutaneously. RespiVax should be administered subcutaneously in the side of the neck and followed by a second dose of Pulmo-Guard PH-M as a booster given 14 to 28 days after the first dose.

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Photos courtesy of Western Pro, Kent Nutrition, Arrowquip, Balchem, Calf Taxi, Insulights and Huvepharma.