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New products gallery – April 2021

Published on 24 March 2021

HydraBed announces the release of HydraSTX

HydraBed is proud to announce the launch of the first and only proportional electric control in the bale bed industry, the HydraSTX, a dash-mounted joystick and optional wireless joystick that provide variable speed for all HydraBed functions.

HydraSTX gives the user precise variable speed control at their fingertips. For convenience, the optional wireless remote has a self-contained LED flashlight and uses a rechargeable lithium battery that plugs into a standard USB port.

Thorough testing has been done on the HydraSTX system, both in a controlled environment and in the field. Several HydraSTX systems have been operating in the field since early 2020 across several states and continue operating today. The HydraSTX system has been designed in a way that any mid-2002 or newer HydraBed can be easily retrofitted. A unique electric latching feature has been designed to provide constant live auxiliary hydraulics to operate machinery, containing its own control valve, such as a hydraulic squeeze chute or wire winder.

Visit Hydrabeds to learn more.

EZ Step fencing

EZ Step fencing products

EZ Step Products is an innovative and versatile post support system designed for farmers, ranchers, landscapers and gardeners.

The EZ Step-In post is patented, customizable, made in the U.S. and ridiculously sturdy. Use it for fencing, livestock containment, plant support, trail marking and a multitude of other applications – season after season. Two 45-degree cutting edges penetrate the terrain with ease, while the 4-inch anchor platform makes it easy to step the post into the ground, keeping the post from tipping over or rotating in the ground. Unlike traditional post support systems, EZ Step-In posts do not require digging, hammering or pounding.

The heavy-duty EZ Ring, made of military-grade polymer with UV-stabilizer, easily attaches to the EZ Step-In post or your existing post support (between 3/8-inch and 3/4-inch in diameter). A patent-pending adjustable D-lock design secures the EZ Ring in place. All EZ Step products are built and designed to withstand extreme weather and wind conditions. Learn more at Ez Step Products.

Eco-friendly fly solution: Flybuster

Eco-friendly fly solution: Flybuster

As agricultural companies, farmers and more look for non-toxic ways to prevent flies in crops, animal areas and elsewhere, Flybuster is an amazing bio-secure option, meaning only the sun and heat are used to create the protein within the trap, resulting in no harmful or foreign bacteria. Since Flybuster does not use harmful chemicals or toxins, the trapped flies drown rather than die by toxic ingestion. Because of this, the trapped flies, along with the protein, are able to be used as compost or fertilizer – adding nutrients back into the earth, perfect for commercial, farming and agricultural businesses.

The Flybuster Commercial trap is made for heavily fly-infested areas, can trap up to 2 million flies and can last up to 60 days before refilling. The eco-friendly bait, made with natural, raw materials, can draw flies from up to 50 to 60 meters away, making this great for larger-scale areas.

Available on Amazon and Flybuster.

Cattleman's Edge new on this product line

Papillon adds Cattleman’s Edge to its product line

Cattleman’s Edge technologies harness the best of natural prebiotics (yeast culture/yeast cell wall), probiotics (live yeast/live bacteria) and enzymes to support optimal rumen fermentation, digestion and immune function. The result is cattle that can process feed more efficiently, show improved performance per pound of feed and cope with stressors more effectively. And with a broad range of applications, operations of all types and sizes can find a cost-effective option that works for them. Papillon currently offers three options for beef producers:

  • Prime: Ideal for backgrounder and feeder operations. It supports beneficial rumen bacteria, fiber and starch digestibility, colostrum quality, feed efficiency and average daily gain.

  • Drive: Ideal for backgrounders, feeders and cow-calf operations. It supports lactate-to-propionate conversion, microbial pathogen inhibitors, enzyme production, starch and fiber digestion, and beneficial bacteria in the rumen and lower GI tract.

  • Boost: Ideal for feeders and cow-calf operations. It supports bacteria in the rumen, intestinal health and immune function, and pathogenic inhibition.

Learn more about these products online (Papillon-ag).

BEEF Audit & Evaluation Tool

FSNS Certification & Audit expanding on-farm beef audit services

Food Safety Net Services Certification and Audit has recently expanded their livestock audit services to include new on-farm audit and evaluation tools specifically designed for the beef cattle industry. The new BEEF (Bovine Energy, Efficiency and Feed) Audit and Evaluation Tool was designed to allow customers a more individualized third-party audit experience. Customers have the option to select their preferred industry-standard Animal Health and Welfare assessment, plus any of the focused addendums, which include Transportation, Workforce, Social-Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and a Carbon Survey tool.

Expanded services also include Process and Claim Verification audits, American Humane Certified audits, as well as the ability to conduct customer-specific audits in multiple operational areas. To ensure all audit services are performed with consistency, impartiality and integrity, FSNS C&A beef cattle auditors are PAACO-certified with years of industry experience.

For more information, visit online (fsnsaudit).

NDEco launches new TMR feed mixers

NDEco launches new TMR feed mixers

NDEco is pleased to introduce two new models to their U-series of TMR feed mixers. The U550D and U700D, with capacities of 580 cubic feet and 705 cubic feet, complement the larger U850D to offer a complete line of compact, low-profile dual-auger mixers.

These new mixers offer customers increased capacity without the increased loading height that is a requirement on NDEco’s large single-auger models. They are also highly maneuverable, with a shorter wheelbase and compact design. Thanks to the compact unibody design, these mixers are offered at a very competitive price point without sacrificing build quality. All models are equipped with NDEco’s proven features such as the stepped floor design, allowing the augers to overlap for superior front-to-back mixing and a fast and complete cleanout.

The U-series mixer line offers an economical alternative to NDEco’s larger FS series. With all the same processing and mixing capabilities of the FS series, but with a lower loading height as low as 87 inches and more compact design, they are the perfect fit for any size of beef operation.

For more information and to locate a dealer near you, please visit online (NDEco).

Slime launches two-in-one tire sealant

Slime launches two-in-one tire sealant

Introducing Slime’s new two-in-one tire and tube premium sealant for all off-highway tires and tubes. The sealant seeks out and instantly seals tread area punctures up to 1/4-inch in tires and up to 1/8-inch in tubes. When a puncture occurs, the sealant is carried directly to the source. The pressure of the escaping air forces the particles into the opening, where they build up and intertwine to form a long-lasting, flexible plug.

The sealant is designed to be used in any of your tube or tubeless non-highway vehicles – including ATVs/UTVs, riding lawn mowers, trailers, tractors, bicycles, dirt bikes and more.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Instantly seals up to 1/4-inch punctures in tires and 1/8-inch punctures in tubes

  • Seals punctures on tires and tubes for up to two years

  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous and non-flammable

  • Non-corrosive, making it safe for tires and rims

  • Environmentally friendly and cleans up with water

  • Effective under the most extreme temperatures: Low freezing point of -35ºF (-37ºC) and a high separation point of 182ºF (82ºC)

  • Safe and easy

Visit Slime for more information.

Gallagher launches a new livestock weighing system

Gallagher launches a new introductory livestock weighing system

To help farmers achieve more profitability, Gallagher has released an entry-level, low-cost livestock weighing system that is extremely accurate and easy to use and is complete with Bluetooth connectivity.

With the release of the new W-0, Gallagher has made it easier and more economical than ever to begin weighing your animals. Paired with the Animal Performance app that is free with the purchase of the W-0, you can create sessions, record weights, view your session statistics with your animals’ visual eartag and record any relevant notes for the animals, as well as manage the individual weight gain. All of this is done through the indicator and sent via Bluetooth to your app on your phone.

To learn more, visit online (Gallagher).

Herdpoint by Newport Laboratories Inc. now available in GVL

Veterinarians can now manage animal health and movement documents and vaccine isolates in the GVL (GlobalVetLink) platform with HerdPoint, a custom-made vaccine management tool exclusively for Newport Laboratories customers.

The GVL platform allows veterinary professionals to create and share animal health and movement documents online, with built-in requirements to help ensure compliance and reduce errors.

Along with a more intuitive interface, enhancements made to HerdPoint include compatibility with all major internet browsers, greater visibility into the status of their clients’ isolates, as well as extended customer support from both Newport Laboratories and GVL staff.

Learn more at Herdpoint.

Elanco introduce NUPLURA PH+ for cattle

Elanco introduces NUPLURA PH+ for cattle

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated brings the cattle industry powerful new options for fast, smooth and flexible protection against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) – one of the deadliest diseases affecting U.S. cattle.

New NUPLURA PH+ builds on the proven performance of NUPLURA PH against Mannheimia haemolytica, while adding protection against common viral causes of BRD, including BVD Types 1 and 2, and IBR.

The product provides protective immunity against M. haemolytica in as little as 10 days, which is the fastest immunity claim on the market. M. haemolytica is the primary bacterial cause of pneumonia in cattle. This product protects against M. haemolytica and other causes of BRD in calves, as well as in animals at risk for BRD during weaning, branding, shipping, commingling and other times of elevated stress.

For cattle producers concerned about both bacterial and viral causes of BRD, these options provide additional protection:

  • NUPLURA PH+BVD delivers additional protection against BVD Types 1 and 2

  • NUPLURA PH+3 adds protection against BVD Types 1 and 2, plus IBR

For more information, visit online (Nuplura).

Photos courtesy: of HydraBed, EZ Step Products, Flybuster, Papillon Agriculture Co and ASV Holdings Inc., Food Safety Net Services Certification & Audit, NDEco, Slime, Gallagher and Elanco.