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New products gallery – December 2018

Published on 17 December 2018
SenseTime remote

Introducing SenseTime remote monitoring system to beef industry

Missing heat cycles in seedstock production can reduce reproduction rates and waste time. To address this need, Allflex is rolling out new remote-monitoring technology for beef producers who use advanced reproductive technology. With the new SenseTime monitoring system, producers reduce time spent observing cattle for signs of estrus, miss fewer heats and increase the success of their A.I. programs.

The eartags sense micromovements associated with key animal behaviors such as estrus, rumination, grazing, stress or health events, according to Andy Dorn, beef product manager for Allflex in the U.S. The tags record animal movements, then transmit data via field stations to an office computer or smartphone. Visit Allflex to learn more.

Estrotect unveils new, industry-shifting Breeding Indicator for dairy and beef producers

Estrotect - Breeding indicator for dairy and beef producersEstrotect recently announced the release of the new Estrotect Breeding Indicator. The product features a new and improved precision design that includes the patent-pending Breeding Bullseye to help producers and breeding specialists know exactly when animals are ready to breed.

The product takes all the guesswork out of the breeding process. It’s the first product of its kind to serve a variety of uses including heat detection, confirming pregnancies, identifying potential embryonic loss and pinpointing timing for various modern A.I. and breeding protocols.

Just like the original Estrotect patches, the new product has a unique, self-adhesive design with rub-off silver and now new black ink. When cows experience mounting activity, the silver and black surface ink is rubbed off by the friction of mounting activity to reveal one of five indicator colors – red-orange, green, blue, yellow or fuchsia. When the black Breeding Bullseye (or the equivalent amount) is rubbed off, it is time to breed the animal. Visit Estrotect for more information.

‘Beefie’ cattle weight recorder app ready to enter U.S. market

Beefie cattle weight recorder appAgroninja has developed digital scales for smartphones. “Beefie” is an easy-to-use tool that enables a herd manager to get an accurate record of weight on any animal in their herd in less than a half-minute without touching the animal or doing any special preparation whatsoever, resulting in zero added stress for livestock and no additional costs for the operation.

The technology uses an external device combined with photographs captured from 2 to 6 meters (up to 20 feet) distance with standard Android 5.1+ smartphone systems. It calculates weights and gives 95 percent accurate results, even when animals are in motion or partially obscured. The application takes into account the condition, breed, gender, age and general appearance of the animal based on user input and creates an entry with the animal’s individual ID number and photograph that is always available for instant reference, even off-line. Visit Agroninja to learn more.

Introducing CrystalBlox from Crystalyx

CrystalBlox supplementCrystalBlox is the newest patented block form developed by Crystalyx Brand Supplements. CrystalBlox is a new hybrid form. It combines the nutrient payload of a compressed block with the added benefit of intake control with Crystalyx low-moisture block technology.

A normal range is 0.75 to 1.5 pound per head per day with typical intakes in the 1- to 1.25-pound range. Results can be influenced by forage quality and availability, the number of animals per container, pasture size, container placement in a pasture, animal size and animal physiological stage of production. Visit Crystalyx for details.

Zinpro launches ProPath

Zinpro launches ProPath

Zinpro Corporation announces ProPath – its most versatile performance minerals innovation for the U.S. and Mexico to optimize trace mineral nutrition for multiple species. The ProPath family of products delivers extraordinary benefits to animals and customers that include a highly concentrated mineral formulation, exceptional uptake and absorption, biological efficacy, diet flexibility and consistency, product stability, solubility and sustainability.

The product is classified as a metal amino acid complex. It stands alone as the only organic performance trace mineral product that combines two specific amino acids, each bound (or complexed) to a mineral, such as zinc, copper, iron or manganese, in a stable 1-to-1 ratio. Its unique molecular structure results in a more sustainable choice to improve animal wellness and performance. Visit Zinpro for more details.

AguaCheck tank sensor

AguaCheck tank sensorAguaCheck sensors are a new water tank monitoring solution. This equipment can help conserve water and fuel, save valuable time, reduce vehicle maintenance, catch water problems early and increase peace of mind.

The easy-to-install sensor is capable of measuring up to about 15 feet of water. With integrated solar charging and a rain-proof enclosure, the AguaCheck sensor can operate for months or years of maintenance-free service.

After a simple setup and calibration process, the water level in any tank located within adequate cell coverage can be easily checked using a simple text message interface. The sensor will send a warning if the tank begins losing water rapidly because of a leak or if the water level falls below an acceptable level. Having a resource like this can help with water usage planning and lower pump electric bills. For more information, visit

Gelbvieh Association, IMI Global release Balancer Edge source- and age-verification program

The American Gelbvieh Association announced a recent partnership with IMI Global and introduced Balancer Edge, a source- and age-verification (SAV) program for feeder cattle sired by Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls.

The SAV program has been in practice in the beef industry since 2004 and continues to play an important role in adding value to U.S. beef producers. Balancer Edge meets the SAV base requirement for cattle to be eligible for marketing into the China export verification program, the non-hormone-treated cattle program for the EU, verified natural beef, GAP 5-step animal welfare and others.

In addition, Balancer Edge documentation is eligible for establishing age of animals at the processor and is also now an accepted method of determining maturity of animals for grading purposes – ensuring they fall into the A maturity category if they are under 30 months old at harvest. Visit American Gelbvieh Association to learn more.  end mark