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New products gallery – January 2020

Published on 24 December 2019
Khyn Knight ProFeed PF 100

Kuhn Knight ProFeed PF 100 Series delivery boxes

The new Kuhn Knight ProFeed PF 100 Series delivery boxes are an efficient option for many large and extra-large farms, feedlots and ranches to feed more cows per load.

The PF 100 Series includes two models: the PF 1130 and PF 1145, both available with 5.5-inch and 17.75-inch extensions, resulting in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 1,450 cubic feet, each with a 50,000-pound maximum net load rating.

The twin-auger design guarantees a fast, thorough cleanout every time. The choice of standard or grain augers provides you with the ability to tailor your machine to match your feeding application. High-quality drive components and controls provide faster discharge and greater one-pass feeding capabilities. There are three lengths, with or without tip-off, available to meet the needs of any operation.

Purina RX3 Immune Support

Purina introduces RX3 Immune Support Technology to calf starter feed

Purina recently introduced a new series of beef calf starter feeds that include RX3 Immune Support Technology. The new formula is touted as a “comprehensive solution rooted in nutrition addressing weaning-time stressors and respiratory challenges head-on.”

Ron Scott, a beef technical innovation director with Purina Animal Nutrition, said in a news release, “Our research shows the technology primes a calf’s immune system so the calf can better recognize health challenges and bounce back quickly. Keeping calves healthy means less time and money invested in reacting to health challenges, putting more potential dollars back in producers’ pockets.”

Sensaphone Sentinel

Sensaphone Sentinel

The Sentinel system remotely monitors livestock facilities to keep animals safe and operations running smoothly. The Sentinel system monitors up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions including temperature, humidity, power failure, ventilation and air quality. When the system identifies issues, it instantly sends alerts via phone, text or email over a standard cellular connection.

It can also deliver daily event reports. Users can access information and make system changes from any web-enabled device or mobile app. The system stores all readings in the cloud, which protects against data loss, provides unlimited information storage and allows multiple devices to be managed from one account. No software is required, so installation, integration and management are easy. The Sentinel system is also available as an ethernet-based device for locations where internet connectivity is available.

ROI Cobmate Semi-Active Cab suspension

ROI Cabmate Semi-Active Cab Suspension from Link Manufacturing

The ROI Cabmate Semi-Active Cab Suspension employs multiple sensors and is constantly assessing environmental circumstances while responding simultaneously. An accelerometer monitors the motion of the cab while a position sensor measures the position and velocity of the cab relative to the frame.

Using Link’s proprietary algorithms, the system’s electronic control unit (ECU) interprets the stream of information from all sensors in real time and responds by continuously adjusting the stiffness of shock absorbers and by filling or exhausting air from the system’s air springs to optimize ride stability and comfort. The entire ROI system operates on less than 10 watts of power.

HotWave multiplayer hose sprayer

HotWave multiplayer hose sprayer

Rheem, a global water heating and HVAC company, has introduced HotWave, the multipurpose hose sprayer that “never runs out of hot water.”

HotWave’s plug-and-play design easily attaches and works with any garden hose. By incorporating tankless water-heating technology, HotWave allows users to heat and access water from a single source.

Its multipurpose design features four spray patterns that users can quickly and easily change by simply turning a dial. Each pattern offers a unique water pressure and the ability to use cool, warm or hot settings. This allows users to customize the spray for any and all of their personal needs. It also features a comfortable, ergonomic grip and an easy-to-use trigger lock.

Highline manufacturing new self-propeled feed mixer

Highline Manufacturing releases new self-propelled feed mixer

Highline Manufacturing recently introduced a new self-propelled feed mixer to its equipment lineup. The AM 1000s is designed to solve the challenges farmers face when feeding cattle in extreme weather conditions.

It is built with a 300-horsepower engine, high ground clearance, large off-road tires, crab steering for tight spaces, CAT hydraulic components, a spacious cab and hydraulic suspension. It also comes with a self-loading arm that eliminates the need for multiple operators and machines.

Ribbed rubber belting quickly conveys the ingredients into the mixing tub. The loading conveyor and milling head can be reversed when the desired weight for a given ingredient is reached, giving precise control over your rations. end mark

Photos courtesy of Kuhn, Link Manufacturing, Purina Animal Nutrition, Rheem, Highline Manufacturing and Sensaphone.