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New products gallery – July 2019

Published on 24 June 2019
Sensaphone 1800

Sensaphone 1800 system livestock facility monitor

The Sensaphone 1800 system remotely monitors conditions like temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon dioxide and power failure at livestock pens, barns and storage facilities to protect valuable animals and equipment from damage.

When the system detects that a sensor reading has moved out of the preset range, it immediately alerts up to eight people with custom phone calls, allowing personnel to quickly address the situation.

One Sensaphone 1800 unit monitors status conditions 24/7 for up to eight locations. The internal rechargeable battery backup provides 24 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of a power outage. Each monitoring unit is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from moisture, dirt and chemicals. Operators can obtain the status of each monitored condition at the installation site or via telephone.

IMV Imaging Easi-Scan:Go Curve

IMV Imaging Sasi-Scan:Go Curve

Wireless bovine ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go Curve is a wireless, app-based scanner that presents the ultrasound image on up to three smart devices simultaneously or connects with IMV Imaging wireless BUG:Go goggles. The IMV Go app allows the user to automatically calculate fetal age while scanning, save any ultrasound stills or videos, and rewind to review something you just scanned. You can also share images with the rancher or save to review ultrasound images and videos later.

The Easi-Scan:Go Curve weighs less than 2 pounds, requires minimal setup time and is completely sealed, making for fast and easy cleanup after every herd check. Works with a standard Wi-Fi connection.

IMI Global’s Black Angus Verified Beef program

IMI Global recently announced the launch of Black Angus Verified Beef, a new verification program designed to reassure cattle buyers and beef consumers that the claims producers and marketers make about black Angus beef are authentic. Black Angus Verified Beef is a subprogram of Breed Verified, IMI Global’s newly approved USDA Process Verified Program.

IMI Global expects to bundle the Black Angus Verified Beef program with source and age verifications at no additional cost. For a more in-depth look into genetics and management practices, IMI Global recommends utilizing the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator.

For more information on Black Angus Verified Beef, go to Black Aangus Verified Beef.

Danuser Python Wire Winder and Wire Unroller

Donuser Python wire winder and wire unroller

The new Danuser Python Wire Winder attachment leverages an auger system, allowing users to easily roll old fence wire removed from fencerows for ease of handling and transportation. The winder can roll up to 3/4 mile of barbed wire and 6 miles of smooth wire. It includes a 2-inch hex connection, tie wire locations, a tool-less locking pin and easy-start wire locations.

The Python Wire Unroller easily unrolls new and Python rolled spools of barbed and smooth wire for faster fencing. The unroller connects to a 2-inch receiver hitch and can unroll barbed or smooth wire – single or multiple strands at a time.

Danuser Python wire winder

It features a rebar and t-post straightener for fencing repair, built-in wire tensioner cleats for stretching and holding wire for desired tightness, and controlled spinning to prevent backlash. The angled frame design gives the Python Unwinder an additional 9 1/2 inches of ground clearance for work in uneven terrain.

Sterling custom bulk bag unloader

Sterling custom bulk bag unloader

Sterling Systems & Controls Inc. is releasing a line of bulk bag unloading systems. These unloading systems are custom-engineered and manufactured. The unloaders incorporate many of the same structural aspects as Sterling Systems’ micro, minor and major ingredient weighing systems, but are specifically designed to unload or discharge a bulk bag, typically into a fixed hopper within your system. Bulk bag unloaders are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer application.

They can include many special features, including material weighing and batch dispensing, system controls required for automatic operation, bag hoist, bag massagers, a variety of valve types, dust containment, magnet for tramp metal removal, mechanical or pneumatic conveying, gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight solutions, a bag dump station, lump breakers, and the options of a floor mount or through-floor mount.

BeefCake Cotton Edition

BeefCake feeder

DewEze introduced a new model of BeefCake feeder designed to work with whole cotton seed (WCS). The BeefCake Cotton Edition has a quick-engaging agitator plus the twin auger system to keep WCS flowing to the chute. The agitator arms rotate at a slower RPM than the augers, preventing damage to the feed as it moves through the bin. The removable pin disengages the agitator, offering flexibility to dispense other feeds, if desired.

The BeefCake Cotton Edition is available in a 2,000-pound (about 900 pounds of cottonseed) unit and features an electric or hydraulic model.

Deracin from Pharmgate Animal Health

Pharmgate Animal Health introduces Deracin (chlortetracycline), a generic (ANADA) alternative to Aureomycin for effective and economical control of shipping fever and anaplasmosis, two of the mostly costly and challenging diseases in the cattle industry.

Deracin is broad spectrum and effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. It is readily absorbed, so it quickly reaches effective blood and lung concentrations. It can be top-dressed in cattle feeds or fed to cattle on pasture with free-choice mineral formulas.

Deracin is a veterinary feed directive drug to be used by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.  end mark

Photos courtesy of Sensaphone, IMV Imaging, Danuser, Sterling Systems & Controls Inc. and BeefCake.