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New products gallery – July 2020

Published on 24 June 2020
T30 scale system from Te Pari

T30 scale system from Te Pari

Te Pari’s T30 scale system includes loadbars mounted under the chute, connected via an onboard Wi-Fi router to the T1 “black box” scale, which sends the reading to the T30 tablet.

The tablet can also connect to an EID wand or Te Pari dosing gun. At the end of the weighing session, the data is pushed into the cloud via a SIM card installed in the Wi-Fi router and can be downloaded later for processing.

Producers can use the system to monitor weight gain, record illness and treatments, and record animal traits to help with sorting decisions. The system also functions as a sorting tool, allowing producers to sort by several options including weight, weight gain, ID, trait, group, source and more.

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Inherit Select from Zoetis

Inherit Select is an innovative, multibreed genomic test that provides predictions for commercial crossbred females spanning eight major breeds including Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, South Devon, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Charolais and Limousin. The test delivers genomic expected progeny differences and percentile rankings for 16 traits as well as sire parentage and breed composition. Producers will also have access to three new indexes to help them make informed genetic decisions.

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Tapplock smart padlock

Tapplock smart padlock

Tapplock one+ is a smart padlock that opens with a touch of the finger and can store up to 500 fingerprints to allow others access. The high-tech lock is waterproof and can be used outdoors and unlocked in any weather conditions. Users can utilize an app to manage other users, track the access history of the lock and grant mobile access to others via a Bluetooth feature. The Tapplock one+ is ideal for securing supplies and tools in barns as well as to help keep predators out of a chicken coop or other areas.

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VitaFerm Conserve

VitaFerm Conserve

BioZyme Inc., makers of the VitaFerm line of supplements, is launching VitaFerm Conserve to its product family. VitaFerm Conserve is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement line that, like all BioZyme products, comes with the Amaferm advantage to maximize nutrient digestion and absorption. Five formulas will be available in the VitaFerm Conserve line. In addition to the standard Conserve, there will be Conserve Mag to mitigate the effects of grass tetany, Conserve CTC 3G to assist those in areas prone to anaplasmosis, Conserve Garlic to deter insects and the Conserve Protein Tub for convenience.

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Y-Tex Max 40 Insecticide eartags

Y-Tex Max 40 insecticide eartags

Y-Tex recently released its new Max 40 insecticide eartags for beef and dairy cattle. Featuring a 40% diazinon formulation, Max 40 tags control horn flies, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks while aiding in the control of face flies, lice, stable flies and house flies.

“Our Max 40 tags are specifically designed to deliver more active ingredient, more consistently, throughout their lifetime,” sales and marketing VP Stu Marsh stated in a release. “With the addition of Max 40 to our product line, we can now offer beef and dairy producers everything they need for effective pest control while managing the growing threat of horn fly resistance.”

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Invora from Bayer

Invora herbicide provides long-term control of huisache, honey mesquite and other brush species for use in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. Invora is labeled for private non-hayed rangeland and non-hayed perennial grasslands managed as rangeland. The herbicide controls many difficult-to-manage brush and weed species that negatively impact the grazing and browsing potential of rangeland.

The herbicide also helps restore rangeland health by reducing the negative impacts of difficult-to-control brush that compete with desirable vegetation for valuable nutrients, water, sunlight and space. This product combines two different active ingredients to provide comprehensive management of susceptible brush that shade desirable forage species and control of a broad spectrum of undesirable herbaceous weeds.

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Photos courtesy of Te Pari, Tapplock, BioZyme and Y-Tex Corporation.